Centralized platform that efficiently manages regulatory change and ensures compliance.
Regology is the leading Regulatory Intelligence Platform that offers a centralized solution for organizations to manage regulatory change and ensure compliance. With the largest unified database of regulations in the world, Regology's platform provides a comprehensive and efficient way for compliance teams to automate regulatory change management. The platform helps organizations in all industries identify legal content applicable to their organization, monitor global changes, and map risks and controls using advanced artificial intelligence. By reducing research time, eliminating manual spreadsheet tracking, and decreasing reliance on third-party legal counsel, Regology allows organizations to focus their time on what matters most. The platform also streamlines regulatory compliance management by providing a single view for all compliance and regulatory objects, enabling risk management, policy management, and effectiveness testing of controls. With over 4,000 data sources from around the world and a global database of laws covering 130 countries, Regology accelerates compliance readiness by simplifying the compliance process. It allows organizations to identify applicable laws, monitor relevant changes, map policies and controls, and boost operational efficiency. While the platform is industry-agnostic, Regology has significant experience in key segments such as banking, gaming, cryptocurrency, and technology. Overall, Regology's Regulatory Intelligence Platform is a powerful tool that helps organizations streamline compliance, anticipate regulatory changes, and drive growth and innovation.