Red Gregory
Provides detailed guides and resources for enhancing productivity using Notion.so.
Red Gregory is a blog dedicated to exploring and appreciating the features of Notion.so, a note-taking and productivity app. The blog offers a wide range of resources and guides to help users make the most out of Notion, including templates for various purposes such as recurring checklists, airline ticket organizers, and address lists. Additionally, Red Gregory provides tutorials and tips on using Notion's functions and formulas effectively, such as generating clickable links and creating habit trackers. The blog also covers design-related topics, including aesthetic page layouts and text dividers. Readers can find free templates to use in their Notion workspace, and there is also a shop section for purchasing additional resources. The blog is regularly updated with new articles and covers both basic and advanced topics. Overall, Red Gregory serves as a valuable source of information and inspiration for individuals looking to optimize their experience with Notion.so.