A collaborative hiring tool that automates and streamlines recruitment process. Boosts sourcing and reduces time-to-hire ratio.
Recruitee is a collaborative hiring software and modern applicant tracking system that offers a range of features to streamline the recruitment process. With easy setup, a great user interface, and top-rated customer support, Recruitee aims to make hiring a team effort by providing tools that bring hiring teams together and involve everyone in the process. The software offers automation of manual tasks, saving up to 64% of time, and includes templates for recurring tasks, saving up to 12 hours a week. Recruitee also provides an easy-to-use career site editor for creating an impressive careers site without any coding skills. Additionally, the software allows users to boost sourcing power by turning everyone into a recruiter with social sharing links, sourcing tools, and referrals, as well as utilizing smart campaigns to post to multiple job boards simultaneously. The platform also offers features for organizing the recruitment process, such as a Scheduler, interview templates, notes, and mentions to improve efficiency. Customizable reports and dashboards are available to optimize and improve the recruitment process, and Recruitee offers over 120 integrations with existing tech stacks. The software has garnered the trust of over 181,000 users worldwide and has received positive feedback for its automation capabilities and reduced time-to-hire ratio. Customer support from Recruitee is highly reliable, with an average reply time of under 7 minutes. Overall, Recruitee aims to simplify the recruitment process, save time, improve collaboration, and optimize hiring decisions.