Transforms lengthy links into short, branded URLs with tracking capabilities. Integrates easily and boosts brand visibility.
Rebrandly is a URL shortener platform that helps users shorten long links and create branded short URLs. With Rebrandly, users can enhance brand visibility and trust by customizing and branding their links with a custom domain name. They can also track the performance of their short URLs through detailed click stats, allowing them to understand the effectiveness of their social media, email marketing, ads, and SEO campaigns. Rebrandly is trusted by 1.3 million happy customers, with 2 billion clicks tracked each month and 1 billion branded links created and counting. The platform is also used by 90,000 developers who utilize their APIs. Rebrandly offers various features such as collaboration, integration with existing processes and tools, optimization, scalability, and compatibility with over 100 integrations. The service is web-based and requires no software installation or coding skills. Rebrandly ensures reliability and scalability with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and hosting their platform on Amazon Web Services. Customers can easily change long URLs to short ones using Rebrandly's URL shortening service and can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their monthly subscription at any time without any fees. Rebrandly allows users to use their own domains and offers a custom plan for Enterprise customers. The platform prioritizes privacy and data protection and is SOC2 Type 2 certified and GDPR compliant. For customers who have more questions or specific needs, Rebrandly provides the option to book a demo or contact their support. Overall, Rebrandly is a reliable and comprehensive solution for branding and managing links, offering personalization, tracking, and optimization features to help users maximize the utility of their short URLs.