A digital platform for utility providers offering key market insight tools and effective broadband service connection management.
Ready is a data-driven, cloud-based broadband platform that offers a wide range of tools and resources for utility providers to connect more subscribers to better services. The platform includes an integrated broadband performance test and survey tool, which helps gain key market insights and meets the NTIA's acceptable evidence criteria. Additionally, Ready offers geospatial tools for winning and defending broadband grants, a turnkey ACP (Automated Customer Premises) feature that enables prospects and subscribers to receive up to $75 per month for the service, and an all-in-one broadband grant administration platform to optimize BEAD (Broadband Infrastructure Deployment) and CPF (Connectivity Personnel Full-Time Equivalent) grants. Ready is trusted by top broadband professionals and communities across America and has received positive feedback from state broadband offices, startups, and leading consultants. The platform is customizable and offers automation of reporting and compliance, outage management, secure subscriber record management, and more. Ready aims to help its customers grow and provides various resources, including a blog, case studies, webinars, and guides.