Allows users to buy and sell pre-loved fashion creating a resale ecosystem.
re-mint is a website that specializes in allowing customers to buy and sell pre-loved fashion. With re-mint, brands and retailers can create their own resale ecosystem, increasing customer loyalty and retention. In a market forecasted to reach $350 billion by 2027, resale has become a competitive advantage for premium apparel brands and retailers. The website boasts impressive statistics, with 33% of first-time purchases coming directly from the brand and 62% of sellers returning to shop again. re-mint offers a variety of features and options for customers to explore, ensuring a seamless buying and selling experience. Explore their blog for more insights, and find information about their terms and privacy policies. Connect with re-mint on social media through Facebook, LinkedIn, or mail. With re-mint, customers can easily navigate the world of pre-loved fashion and tap into the growing resale market.