Boosts productivity with a fast, customizable launcher for diverse tasks. Offers task completion, calculations, sharing links, and more.
Raycast is a utility website designed to enhance productivity by providing a fast and customizable launcher for various tasks. It offers features such as task completion, calculation, sharing common links, and more. Users can download the Raycast app for Mac and enjoy its blazingly fast performance. The website also introduces Raycast Pro, which unlocks additional productivity features like AI integration, cloud sync, custom themes, and more. The Raycast Store allows users to browse and install extensions created by the community of developers, providing a wide range of tools and actions to enhance productivity. With the Raycast API, users can even build their own extensions and contribute to the open-source community. Raycast is not only beneficial for individuals but also for teams, as it facilitates efficient communication and collaboration. The website offers a rich toolkit for teams, including shared commands, quicklinks, and snippets, to streamline tasks and foster productivity. With its performance-driven design and emphasis on privacy and personalization, Raycast aims to provide a centralized and clutter-free workspace. The website provides detailed documentation, troubleshooting resources, and a community forum for support and collaboration. Customers can follow Raycast on various social media platforms and subscribe to their newsletter for updates and insights on new features and releases. Overall, Raycast offers a comprehensive platform that empowers users to optimize their workflows and boost productivity.