Allows businesses to embed finance capabilities into their digital experiences. Makes customer finance flow simple through seamless integration.
Railsr, formerly Railsbank, is a global embedded finance platform that helps drive customer relationships, revenue, rewards, and relevance. They believe in creating frictionless, fun experiences for consumers, focusing on embedding finance seamlessly into everyday activities. Their platform offers capabilities such as digital wallets, payments, rewards, loyalty points, and cards, which can be combined to create customized embedded finance experiences that integrate directly into a brand's digital journey. Railsr provides powerful APIs that keep them behind the scenes, allowing their customers to be the heroes of their digital journey. They cater to various industries including fintech, sports clubs, retailers, and brands, and have pre-packaged integrations, licenses, and monitoring in place to simplify the process for their clients. Railsr offers a range of subscription plans, from learning and prototyping to launching and scaling embedded finance experiences. They are committed to compliance with regulations and emphasize transparency and adherence to guidelines. With their expertise and comprehensive platform, customers can focus on their customers and the value proposition, while Railsr takes care of the "boring stuff." Overall, Railsr offers a transformative platform for businesses looking to leverage embedded finance to enhance customer experiences and generate new revenue streams.