Radiate B2B
Radiate B2B
Enhances sales pipelines by identifying prospects using intent data and account-based advertising.
Radiate B2B is a powerful B2B intent data and account-based advertising platform that helps businesses maximize their sales pipeline. By identifying companies that are currently in the market and providing guidance on how to approach prospects, Radiate B2B allows sales and marketing teams to effectively generate leads and build brand awareness. The platform uses intent data to monitor company activity on websites and across the internet, integrating with CRM systems, LinkedIn, and display networks to drive sales development and marketing campaigns. With Radiate B2B, companies can benefit from increased meetings generated (30-50% increase), higher engagement rates (3x increase), and more demos taken (3x increase). The platform collects company-level activity data from over 5,000 publishers, analysts, vendors, and content syndication providers, enabling users to know which companies to contact, what to communicate to each company, and how to activate them through marketing campaigns. In addition, Radiate B2B helps users uncover hidden opportunities in their CRM, identify new prospects based on ideal customer profiles, increase conversion rates, prioritize companies in the buying cycle, and monitor important companies to make timely contact. Launched in 2017, Radiate B2B is designed for small to medium-sized companies selling to larger companies globally, and it has a team with extensive experience in marketing automation and data science.