Enables streamlined sales and quoting process by automating sales-related activities. Allows web-based, anytime access and integrates with other software systems.
Quoter.com is a leading sales quoting software and sales enablement platform. It offers a quote-to-cash platform that removes friction between buyers and sellers of professional services. The software aims to eliminate sales bottlenecks and boost revenues. Quoter provides various features to streamline the sales process, including dynamic bundling and upselling, the ability to add the entire team without buying more licenses, custom rules for manager approvals, simplified quote and proposal templates, and web-based access from anywhere. Quoter also offers sales enablement tools, such as data to identify the best client relationships and the ability for customers to approve, sign, and pay without sending an email. The software is trusted by over 1500 hybrid IT companies and can automate over 30% of sales-related activities. Quoter integrates with other software systems such as ConnectWise PSA and Autotask PSA. It offers a powerful, yet simple quoting process, with automatic population of customer and product data. Quoter also improves sales operations by providing company-wide visibility into sales activity and offers unlimited user pricing plans. The onboarding process is supported by the Quoter success team, and ongoing support is provided. Quoter values user feedback and aims to make every sales opportunity a success. The software allows for a reallocation of time spent generating quotes to more meaningful work. Quoter also offers a newsletter and resources to support B2B growth and provides a range of features to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. Overall, Quoter.com is an easy-to-use quoting software that empowers teams to create more quotes, eliminate errors, and maximize revenues.