QuoteMedia Market Data Solutions
QuoteMedia Market Data Solutions
A provider of financial research and data. Services include customized content widgets, data APIs, and powerful data streaming.
QuoteMedia Market Data Solutions is a comprehensive financial research and stock market data provider. With a focus on powering websites, brokerage firms, banks, clearing firms, media portals, public companies, and financial service corporations, QuoteMedia offers a range of solutions to meet various needs. Their responsive web content solutions include preconfigured and customized content widgets, such as dynamically updating modules for stock quotes, charts, analytics, news and filings, fundamentals, investor relations, and web portfolios. In addition, QuoteMedia provides XML and JSON market data on demand, as well as low latency, fully redundant, streaming data feeds. Their data feed APIs allow users to request quotes, history, fundamentals, and research as required, while their streaming tick-by-tick data feeds are ideal for real-time or delayed data needs. Moreover, QuoteMedia offers the Quotestream Suite, featuring low-latency tick-by-tick data, customizable screens, advanced charting, comprehensive technical analysis, and news and research accessible across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. With their expertise and robust financial solutions, QuoteMedia is a trusted choice for those seeking a broad range and depth of information in a fully hosted managed solution.