Offers AI-driven cross-channel ad platform for optimized e-commerce sales and advertising.
Quartile is the world's largest e-commerce cross-channel ad platform, offering over 300 certified professionals and cutting-edge A.I. technology to help retailers and brands convert shoppers on every marketing channel. With Quartile, you will never miss another sales opportunity. They have been recognized as the winners of the US Scaled Technology Award at the annual Amazon Ads Partner Awards. Quartile's patented optimization technologies distinguish your brand and supercharge sales. They have six proprietary machine learning technologies that optimize your e-commerce business across online marketing channels in just 48 hours. With Quartile, you can set your goals and the system will do the rest, optimizing campaigns down to the product and keyword level. Their platform offers best-in-class machine learning, automated ads management, unified campaign reporting, seamless account integration, and dedicated customer services. After launching with Quartile, brands and sellers have experienced solid results, with an average cross-channel growth. Quartile is the largest independent e-commerce marketing platform in the world and has been featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. They have received recognition from both clients and the industry as the best technology and the world's largest e-commerce advertising platform. You can schedule a demo with Quartile to see how their platform can improve your e-commerce sales. Their privacy policy ensures the protection of your information. Quartile is a global leader in Amazon advertising, helping brands and agencies optimize Amazon advertising, expand market reach, and drive revenues upwards. With their cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Quartile makes data-driven decisions for improved performance and growth.