This platform aids in modernizing finance and operational practices, and fostering collaboration in business modeling.
Quantrix is a leading business and financial modeling platform that aims to replace traditional spreadsheets for professional business modeling. Their mission is to provide powerful on-premise and cloud software that helps businesses modernize their finance and operational practices, increase efficiency, and transform their operations. Quantrix offers three main products: Quantrix Modeler, a multi-dimensional financial and business modeling application; Quantrix Qloud, a cloud-based, secure sharing and collaboration platform for multi-dimensional models; and Quantrix Enterprise, a next-generation enterprise modeling platform. Quantrix uses a cutting-edge, multi-dimensional calculation engine that can handle billions of data points and allows for integration with any data source. They provide smart tools, built-in version control, security, user roles, and permissions to ensure a confident modeling environment. With Quantrix Qloud, users can securely share and collaborate on models from anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, Quantrix offers robust and powerful APIs that can be customized to suit the needs of leading organizations. They also provide support through their Accelerator Program and global partner network. Trusted by over 50,000 users in more than 1,200 companies, including small businesses, Fortune 500 members, universities, and government institutions, Quantrix has been helping businesses make better decisions for more than 14 years.