A modern manager for bookmarks and tabs, offering swift access and organization, with shareable links.
Qlearly is a modern bookmarks and tabs manager that offers a convenient way to organize favorite websites. Users can create boards and columns to categorize their bookmarks, making it easy to find and access them. One of the notable features is that every time a new tab is opened, the user's board will load within a second. The platform also allows users to sync their bookmarks across multiple devices. Qlearly offers fast bookmarking, quick search, and simple sharing options. Saving tabs to specific columns can be done with just one click. Collaboration with teammates is made possible through private and public shareable links. The platform currently offers an extension for Chrome and Firefox, with support for other browsers coming soon. Qlearly provides a help center for users to learn more about the features and offers a FAQ section for common queries. The company is responsive to user feedback and encourages suggestions. Overall, Qlearly is a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing bookmarks and tabs with its extensive features and quick loading times.