Allows real-time, AI-aided enterprise search without data indexing. Boosts efficiency with 24/7 operation and secure features.
Qatalog is an AI search solution specifically designed for enterprise use. Unlike other products on the market, Qatalog enables real-time AI search without the need for data indexing. This means that users can access accurate and reliable information instantly, without having to wait for indexing processes to complete. Qatalog is powered by ActionQuery, an advanced permissions-aware AI engine that ensures data security. With Qatalog, businesses can experience faster and smarter work processes, as team members can get real-time resolutions to their questions. The AI assistant provided by Qatalog operates 24/7, supporting global business operations. Users can make better, faster decisions with real-time insights on demand, allowing for growth and strategic guidance. Qatalog offers secure and compliant features, including SOC 2 Type II, CCPA, GDPR, SSO, and no data indexing. Rapid setup and easy deployment make it convenient for businesses to get started quickly. Qatalog guarantees rapid ROI, with users saving an average of 2 hours per week, resulting in savings of $1,750,000+ after 12 months. With a user-friendly setup, seamless onboarding, enterprise-grade security, and concierge support, Qatalog is an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their efficiency and productivity.