A digital platform designed to enhance remote team communication and collaboration.
PukkaTeam is an online workplace designed specifically for remote teams to improve communication and collaboration. With PukkaTeam, remote teams can stay connected throughout the day, improving team awareness and fostering a sense of belonging. The platform offers features such as real team presence with automated selfie photos, one-click video calls, and the ability to see the status of team members. This helps create a virtual office atmosphere, making remote workers feel part of the office community. PukkaTeam also provides a convenient way to see who is available, eliminating the need to transfer calls to empty desks. By incorporating real faces and promoting team building, PukkaTeam aims to enhance company culture. The platform is suitable for both large teams spread throughout a building or campus and remote teams working from various locations around the world. PukkaTeam offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, making it easy for teams to try it out. By using PukkaTeam, remote teams can streamline their communication and improve their overall productivity.