Provides ready-to-use Notion templates designed to streamline tasks and boost productivity.
Prototion is a website that offers a collection of ready-to-use Notion templates for various purposes. They are curated by experts at Prototion and are designed to help users save time and increase productivity. The website features templates for different categories such as food recipes, product launches, expense tracking, pet management, student organization, remote team management, invoice generation, and business CRM. Some templates are available for free, while others have a price ranging from $25 to $50. Users can also submit their own templates to the website. Prototion emphasizes the convenience and ease of use of their templates, allowing users to get hours of work done in minutes. In addition to templates, Prototion also provides tutorials and covers various topics related to Notion. They also offer template bundles for specific needs, such as money management, startup tools, marketing campaigns, college planning, productivity enhancement, work efficiency, and management solutions. The website encourages users to become makers by submitting their own templates and potentially earning revenue by selling them. Prototion has received positive feedback from users who appreciate the usefulness and quality of their templates. The website also has a Slack community where users can engage in discussions, participate in Q&A sessions with Notion experts, receive feedback and tips on their templates, and receive pro Notion templates every month. Overall, Prototion is a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their use of Notion and enhance their personal and professional lives.