Aids easy and secure onboarding with integration capabilities for businesses. Enables custom UI designing, role tailoring and user management.
PropelAuth is a robust authentication solution designed specifically for B2B products. It offers easy and secure onboarding for individuals and teams. With PropelAuth, businesses can integrate authentication into their products with just a few lines of code, eliminating the need to build complex UIs or email systems. The platform provides fully customizable hosted UIs that include essential features like signup, login, password reset, 2FA enrollment, and API key management. Additionally, PropelAuth offers APIs and SDKs for major languages and frameworks, allowing users to design their own authentication flows if desired. One of the standout features of PropelAuth is its support for organizations as a service, enabling users to invite and onboard their coworkers without any additional coding. The platform also offers configurable roles and permissions, which can be easily tailored to match a product's specific requirements. Users have the flexibility to change role/permissions structures as needed, with automatic migration of users and pending invitations. PropelAuth supports SAML and SCIM integration, making it enterprise-ready without requiring additional coding. The platform allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate their identity provider, such as Okta or Azure AD, to manage access to the app. PropelAuth also offers additional features like user management, user impersonation, API keys, and advanced organization options through a user-friendly dashboard. The product is backed by Y Combinator and has received positive feedback from co-founders and CEOs of top B2B startups, who highlight the time-saving nature and the essential value of the authentication features provided by PropelAuth. The platform offers a free plan for startups until they raise $1 million in funding, and pricing details can be found on their website. With comprehensive documentation, helpful guides, and dedicated support, PropelAuth ensures a seamless authentication experience for B2B products, allowing businesses to focus on their core features and growth.