Product School
Product School
Provides online product management courses and corporate training, helping you boost your career or company's revenue.
Product School is an online platform that offers a range of Product Management courses and certifications for individuals looking to build a career in Product Management and for companies seeking to develop their Product teams. The platform provides live online courses taught by experienced Product Leaders from top Silicon Valley companies, such as Google, Netflix, and Amazon, with real-world case studies and proven frameworks. There are two certifications available: the Product Manager Certification (PMC)™, designed for aspiring product managers looking to land their first job in the field, and the Product Leader Certification (PLC)™, for existing product managers aiming for career advancement and enhanced leadership skills. Additionally, Product School offers custom training options for teams, helping companies boost their revenue, upskill their employees, and retain top performers. The platform has a strong community with over 2 million members and offers free resources including webinars, templates, books, and the ProductCon conference. The certifications are taught live online with an average class size of just 20 students per cohort, providing an interactive and personalized learning experience. Product School also offers corporate training programs to meet the specific needs and schedule of companies, both in-person and online. With its focus on practical training and insights from industry experts, Product School aims to accelerate the careers of Product professionals and provide companies with the tools to succeed in the field.