Facilitates creating interactive user interfaces and animations. Excellent for designing multi-screen apps and celebrating creative freedom.
Principle is a powerful software designed for animating and creating interactive user interfaces. With Principle, users can easily design the flow of multi-screen apps and create stunning interactions and animations that look and feel amazing. The software offers a range of features to cater to different design needs. Its timeline feature allows for quick illustration of perfect bounces, ease, and pops, while its freedom to experiment with new interactions without pre-defined transitions makes it a versatile tool. Furthermore, Principle provides a bird's-eye view of all screens, making it effortless to design multi-screen apps. The software is also compatible with other popular design tools such as Figma and Sketch, allowing users to import their existing designs seamlessly. Principle supports designing for mobile, web, and desktop platforms, with the ability to choose device presets or enter custom artboard sizes. Sharing designs is made easy with a single click, as users can share their designs to the web for viewing on various platforms without requiring installations. Additionally, Principle offers a record feature for exporting videos or animated GIFs, which can be shared on platforms like Dribbble and Twitter. Principle is a native macOS app, ensuring smooth performance on both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. It includes popular macOS features like full-screen mode, a Retina interface, and Auto Save. The software has garnered positive feedback from designers in top companies such as IDEO, Snapchat, Lyft, and more. Principle offers a 14-day free trial with only the days used being counted, and it is available for purchase at $129. With its comprehensive features and positive reputation among designers, Principle is a top choice for those looking to bring their design ideas to life.