Helps create accurate estimates, streamline financial decisions, and simplify project management.
Price&Cost is a highly useful tool for agencies and consultancies looking to turn uncertain projects into predictable profits. It helps users create accurate estimates, gain higher margins, and meet their financial goals without relying on spreadsheets. With Price&Cost, agencies can simplify project management, streamline financial decision-making, and run predictable and profitable operations. The tool offers features such as budgeting and estimates, tracking and forecasting, and comprehensive reports to ensure better project delivery and consistent profitability. Price&Cost integrates with popular time-tracking tools like Harvest, Toggl, and Jira, making it easy to sync data and monitor planned versus actual costs. Customers have highly praised Price&Cost for its ability to simplify project estimates, automate financial tracking, and provide valuable insights that drive important business decisions. For agencies and consultancies looking to maximize profitability and financial success, Price&Cost is an excellent choice.