Power to the Brand
Power to the Brand
Provides infrastructure for direct-to-consumer brands to expand and market in Southeast Asia, without local employees.
Power to the Brand is a company that specializes in helping direct-to-consumer brands expand their reach and market their products across Southeast Asia (SEA). They offer a unique combination of human and tech infrastructure that allows brands to distribute their products and market effectively in the region, without the need for a single local employee. With a tech-driven distribution infrastructure, Power to the Brand supports omni-channel operations across online and physical retail stores, corporate order agents, affiliates, influencers, referrals, and social media platforms. They provide a distribution-as-a-service model, where brands only need to provide the inventory, while Power to the Brand takes care of everything else, including logistics, returns, marketing campaigns, listing on local marketplaces, customer service, payments in local currency, and even retailer sourcing and management. They also offer full data transparency, providing direct customer conversations data and acting as a local language extension to truly understand the market. By leveraging Power to the Brand's services, brands can reclaim their margins, invest in their customers' experience, and turn their local distribution rights into an investable asset class. With their extensive reach in Southeast Asia and a risk-free, low-margin model, Power to the Brand offers unlimited upside for brands looking to tap into the $1.38 trillion Asian retail markets. For those interested in using their services or becoming partners, they can get in touch with Power to the Brand through their website.