An SMS marketing and sales platform that helps Shopify brands engage with customers and drive significant results.
Postscript is an SMS marketing and sales platform specifically designed for Shopify brands. The platform offers a range of solutions aimed at helping businesses engage with customers across their entire buying journey. With Postscript, brands can build strong customer relationships, deliver personalized experiences, and drive significant results through SMS. The platform has seen impressive results, with brands using its CashBack solution experiencing a 31% lift in SMS list growth. Postscript has generated billions of dollars in revenue and has contributed to a 22% increase in online revenue for its users. It boasts an impressive ROI of 34x across all customers in all categories. As the only SMS revenue platform for Shopify merchants, Postscript is fully committed to SMS marketing and provides comprehensive solutions to make it the number one revenue channel for businesses. With Postscript, brands can grow their subscriber lists, develop a messaging strategy, deliver excellent customer service, drive purchases, and achieve a 34x ROI on their spend. The platform also offers a SMS sales feature in beta that enables businesses to double their SMS revenue by pairing their expertly-trained sales associates with purpose-built SMS sales software. Postscript caters to every step of the customer journey, providing solutions for acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention. The platform's features are deeply integrated into the Shopify ecosystem, making it seamless for brands to turn conversations into conversions. Postscript customers have achieved remarkable results, with a 541% increase in revenue compared to email for new customers. The platform is trusted by over 10,000 Shopify brands, including Feastables, Lotus & Luna, and Sharma Brands. Postscript also offers exceptional customer experience and support, with access to SMS experts, onboarding, success, and support professionals, as well as in-house strategists to optimize SMS programs. Install Postscript to start a 30-day free trial and make SMS your number one revenue channel.