A comprehensive platform for data synchronization and ETL, reducing costs and simplifying workflows. Supports sync in all directions and offers cost-saving measures by syncing only what's changed.
Polytomic is a platform that allows businesses to sync their data throughout the organization. With a range of features and capabilities, Polytomic offers a comprehensive solution for data synchronization and ETL. The platform supports sync and ETL in all directions, allowing businesses to easily transfer and transform their data. Trusted by innovative teams, Polytomic replaces multiple vendors, reducing costs and simplifying workflows. It offers a single platform for all syncs, including ETL, Reverse ETL, CDC, iPaaS, APIs, and spreadsheets. With the ability to sync only what's changed, businesses can save on API limits and compute costs. Polytomic also provides a user-friendly interface with point-and-click functionality for selecting and filtering data, and supports SQL query for powerful transformations. It eliminates the need for glue code for custom integrations by allowing users to pull data from any API. Additionally, Polytomic offers self-hosting options for turnkey deployment to private clouds, ensuring data security and compliance. The platform is enterprise-ready, with SOC 2, GDPR, permissions, and audit logs. Polytomic provides excellent customer support and has received accolades like "Best Support", "Best Meets Requirements", and "High Performer". Customers have access to a range of resources including documentation, blog, ebooks, and case studies. Overall, Polytomic is a reliable and efficient solution for businesses looking to seamlessly sync their data and streamline their workflows.