A modern email platform that enhances productivity, saving up to 4 hours a week in email management.
Polymail is a modern email platform designed specifically for working professionals. With a simple yet powerful interface, Polymail aims to make your work-life easier by offering tools and features that enhance email productivity. The platform saves you up to 4 hours a week managing your emails and provides intelligent automation to power up your conversations. Polymail offers a free 7-day trial with no credit card required, and it is trusted by leading companies around the world. Some of the key features include email tracking, contact profiles, follow-up reminders, automated email outreach, and meeting scheduling. Polymail also allows you to share conversations anywhere, giving you the proper context you need. Integration with tools like Slack and Asana is possible to streamline communication within your team. Polymail has been proven to significantly improve communication efficiency, with an average improvement of 83% in managing communication and 82% in improving communication with customers and clients. They have even published a case study showing how ToneDen increased sales efficiency by 40% using Polymail. With over 10,000 satisfied users, including CEOs and directors from various companies, Polymail has become a trusted and loved email platform. Start your 7-day free trial today and experience the benefits of Polymail for yourself.