Polite Pop
Polite Pop
Offers polite email signup popups aimed at improving visitor engagement and experience.
Polite Pop is a website that offers a better alternative to annoying popups for collecting email subscribers. It focuses on asking for email signups at the right time and in a polite manner. The website emphasizes the importance of not annoying high-quality leads with disruptive popups and instead engaging with visitors politely. Polite Pop ensures that visitors are engaged with the content before asking for their email and avoids obstructing the browsing experience. It also aims to help users land in their subscribers' inboxes and deliver delightful emails. The website offers different types of pops, including Main Pop and Exit-intent Pop, as well as a Signup Form that only appears if the user agrees to see the pitch. Polite Pop features smart engagement signals, customizable settings, and integration with popular email marketing platforms. The website offers a full package priced at $64, which includes one year of software updates. It guarantees a polite experience, simple setup, and mobile support coming soon. Customers have provided positive feedback about Polite Pop, expressing satisfaction with its ability to attract high-quality subscribers and increase engagement.