Pobuca Connect
Pobuca Connect
A collaborative app enabling coworkers to share and sync business contacts for enhanced productivity.
Pobuca Connect is a business contacts app that allows you to sync and share contact lists with your coworkers. With Pobuca Connect, you can have a clean and updated address book by using their contact organizer, PobucaBot. This app helps optimize the way your company stores and communicates with business contacts, leading to increased productivity. You can store and share all your business contacts with Pobuca Connect and search for names, organizations, and job titles to access their contact details and related information. It also allows you to constantly update your contacts list by scanning business cards or grabbing email signatures, syncing all your devices to be automatically updated with the latest information. Pobuca Connect also offers a built-in virtual assistant, Pobuca Bot, which can help search and update contact details. In addition, they have an enterprise version, Pobuca Connect Enterprise, which offers advanced customizable features, integration with Line of Business software, and a focus on security and privacy. Pobuca Connect also provides a Contact Organizer service where they merge, clean-up, and enrich your contact files, making them suitable for campaigns or CRM projects. Overall, Pobuca Connect is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their contact management and communication processes.