A password manager ideal for startups, providing easy setup, improved security and compliance-standard assistance.
PlusIdentity is a password manager specifically designed for startups. It offers a quick and easy setup process, allowing teams to get set up in just 30 seconds. The service is free for teams of less than 5 members, eliminating the need for credit card information during initial use. PlusIdentity aims to improve security by ensuring that passwords are never shared in plaintext over Slack messages. The site also provides browser extension downloads for easy use. As a startup-focused solution developed by a startup, PlusIdentity understands the unique needs of growing businesses. The service promises to be there for startups from their initial ideation phase to their eventual IPO, assisting with tasks such as onboarding new employees, employee offboarding, and meeting security compliance standards like SOC 2 and ISO 27001. For more information, the PlusIdentity website provides resources such as articles and pricing details. The company also offers support via email. Overall, PlusIdentity offers a simple and secure password management solution tailored to the specific needs and challenges of startups.