Pluralsight Flow
Pluralsight Flow
Provides visibility into team workflow efficiency and helps to optimize software delivery processes.
Pluralsight Flow is a powerful tool that offers unmatched visibility into your team's workflow efficiency. With Flow, you can easily identify bottlenecks, compare trends, and improve the developer experience. The platform helps optimize software delivery, build happier and healthier teams, and leverage workflow data to make informed decisions. Flow enables you to increase product delivery speed, improve collaboration and knowledge sharing, reduce onboarding ramp time, and lead inclusively and objectively. By using Flow, you can say goodbye to wasted efforts and better align your engineering investments with your strategy. Notable statistics include a 35% reduction in cycle time, a 14-hour reduction in PR (pull request) time to merge, and a 4-month acceleration in onboarding ramp time. The platform has been praised by companies like CloudHealth for providing hard data and real evidence of the development process. Pluralsight Flow is used by organizations worldwide to maximize developers' time and magnify their impact. The platform offers different plans, including the Core and Plus plans, with various features like unlimited repositories, data import, notifications, team health insights, and API access. To learn more about Flow and its capabilities, you can explore customer stories, articles, and resources available on the Pluralsight website.