Provides tools to safely link customer financial data to fintech apps and services. Supports business growth through seamless integration.
Plaid is a company that offers a range of services to help all types of companies build fintech solutions. With a focus on enabling easy, safe, and reliable connections for people to link their financial data to apps and services, Plaid aims to provide a seamless user experience. They offer Plaid Link, which allows users to securely connect their financial accounts quickly, resulting in optimal business growth. Plaid also offers an API-first network that gives developers the necessary tools to create accessible user experiences, with over 7,000 apps and services already powered by their network. By using just a few lines of code, users can connect to over 12,000 financial institutions. Plaid products are designed to supercharge every aspect of a company's financial offering. Their product suite, called the Plaid Network, includes solutions for identity verification, fraud detection and prevention, faster payments, income and employment verification, personal finance management, consumer payments, business finance management, lending, open finance integration, digital banking, and wealth management. Plaid ensures secure connections and data sharing between financial institutions and the apps users trust. They offer tools like the Plaid Portal, where users can view and control their financial connections made through Plaid. Security is a top priority for Plaid, as they implement practices that meet or exceed industry standards to protect personal information. For financial institutions, Plaid offers an easier and safer way to connect to the digital finance ecosystem, making it attractive for them to provide access to the world's leading finance apps and services. Plaid helps financial institutions attract and retain more customers. With a wide global coverage, Plaid ensures that companies can connect users to financial apps securely and effortlessly. Overall, Plaid's comprehensive suite of products and developer-friendly tools make it a trusted provider in the fintech industry. Their focus on seamless user experiences, secure connections, and industry-leading security practices position Plaid as a valuable partner for companies looking to build reliable and efficient fintech solutions.