Pirsch Analytics
Pirsch Analytics
A privacy-friendly analytics solution with an intuitive design that supports real-time insights and tracking of conversion goals.
Pirsch Analytics is a powerful and privacy-friendly web analytics solution that provides an alternative to Google Analytics. This open-source software is lightweight and cookie-free, ensuring that user privacy is respected. It can be easily integrated into any website or server, making it suitable for agencies and developers alike. Pirsch Analytics has gained the trust of over 350 customers, processing hundreds of millions of page views every month. Users have praised its simplicity, speed, and clean design, making it a winner among other SEO dashboard solutions. The analytics tool offers extensive insights in real-time, helping users optimize their campaigns for conversion. It also allows for easy tracking of conversion goals and events and provides customizable dashboards. Pirsch Analytics is fully GDPR-, CCPA-, PECR-, and Schrems II-compliant, ensuring that user data is protected and never shared or sold. The platform allows for easy data sharing with team members and clients. Developers will appreciate the seamless integration with various technologies and the availability of a powerful API for automation and data manipulation. Pirsch Analytics is hosted and made in Germany, operating under strict European privacy laws. Customers can try Pirsch free of charge for 30 days, with no credit card required.