Enables interactive design without coding, real-time collaboration, and export of customized code. Supports a variety of configurations and offers adaptive, responsive design options.
Phase is a digital design tool that aims to revolutionize the way websites and apps are designed and prototyped. With Phase, designers can create visually and intuitively, using a product that has been reworked for the digital age. The tool offers full-power interaction design without the need for coding, allowing designers to work in a visual and human-native way. Phase also provides the ability to export customized code, ensuring a seamless transition from design to development. The tool supports various configurations, including web, app, test, and custom. It also offers draggable elements with adaptive layouts, making it easy to create responsive and adaptable designs. Phase provides a library of typography, shadow, and transform components, offering designers a wide range of design options and the ability to edit elements in place. It also allows for the creation of prototypes with live data, enabling real user testing without the need for engineering. Phase supports real-time collaboration, commenting, and advanced version control, making it suitable for teams working on design projects. The tool also offers vector and bitmap editing capabilities. Phase is currently in the early access stage, and interested individuals can sign up to get early access and join the growing community of designers who have already joined Phase.