Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center
Provides unbiased, data-driven research on a wide range of global topics.
Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that focuses on informing the public about issues, attitudes, and trends shaping the world. They conduct public opinion polling and data-driven social science research on a wide range of topics. The center provides in-depth research reports, fact sheets, and data essays on various subjects such as world leaders, artificial intelligence, science issues, racial equality, climate change, gun violence, foreign policy, economy, and race & ethnicity. They also track social, demographic, and economic trends both in the United States and internationally. Pew Research Center has experts who specialize in different areas and use various research methods including surveys, data science, and demographic research. Their publications are popular and widely accessed by the public. They also offer newsletters and a briefing for regular updates on news and information. Overall, Pew Research Center is a valuable resource for anyone seeking comprehensive and unbiased research on important and timely topics.