Perfect Privacy VPN
Perfect Privacy VPN
Provides secure, anonymous browsing and protection of online privacy with no log-file storage and high compatibility.
Perfect Privacy VPN is a leading VPN provider that has been committed to protecting the privacy and anonymity of its customers since 2008. It is known for being one of the safest VPN providers globally. The company does not log user activities, ensuring that your online activities remain private. Perfect Privacy offers VPN servers in 24 countries worldwide, including popular locations such as Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. These servers have a bandwidth of 1000 Mbit/s and most have IPv6 addresses. The VPN service utilizes trusted and secure industry standards such as OpenVPN (AES 256Bit) and IPsec for encryption, which are compatible with all major operating systems. Perfect Privacy operates with an in-house team of developers who continually research and integrate new technologies into their VPN, ensuring comfort and security for users. The company also conducts regular code audits to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, making the internet safer for all users. Perfect Privacy offers tailored VPN client software for various operating systems. Some key features of Perfect Privacy VPN include no log-file storage, compatibility with all devices, cascading over multiple VPN servers, configurable port forwarding, no traffic limitations, up to 10,000 Mbit/s bandwidth, user-friendly client software, support via email, forum, and TeamViewer, and multiple protocol options including OpenVPN, IPsec/IKEv2, SSH2-Tunnel, and PPTP. The VPN service also supports IPv6 and offers additional features such as TrackStop™, Stealth VPN technology, and NeuroRouting™. Perfect Privacy VPN provides a 7-day money-back guarantee. The premium VPN service is available at competitive prices, with options for monthly, yearly, and two-year subscriptions. Payment can be made through various methods, with over 50 payment options available via Paymentwall. Perfect Privacy VPN offers support for all devices and provides step-by-step instructions for individual configurations. With a fast and knowledgeable support team, Perfect Privacy ensures that customer queries are promptly addressed. The company's website provides helpful resources such as guides, FAQs, server status updates, and a forum for users. In addition to its VPN services, Perfect Privacy offers a blog, VPN routers, services for business customers, and an affiliate program. The company is committed to customer satisfaction, privacy, and data protection, as reflected in its contact information, imprint, terms and conditions, and privacy policy. By using Perfect Privacy VPN, users can enjoy secure and anonymous internet browsing and protect their online privacy.