Enables software platforms to monetize payments, offering a white-labeled payment infrastructure. Simplifies platform payment management, rapid merchant onboarding, and card payment acceptance. Handles payment complexity and risks.
Payrix is an embedded payments company that provides a next-generation payment infrastructure to help software platforms monetize payments and fuel their growth and transformation. They specialize in serving high-growth vertical software platforms and offer a comprehensive solution that simplifies platform payment management. Payrix's technology is fully white-labeled for customers and comes with easy sign-up and instant merchant onboarding. They also provide modern APIs and SDKs, hosted PCI compliant payfields, and the ability to enable card present and card not present payment acceptance. Payrix takes on the risk, infrastructure buildout, and complexity of managing payments, allowing their customers to focus on their core business and customers. They commissioned a Total Economic Impactâ„¢ (TEI) study, which revealed a potential return on investment of 264% for software companies using Payrix Pro. Behind Payrix's embedded payments technology is a team of payments and software experts who provide real-world guidance and contribute to an unparalleled customer experience. Payrix offers configurable capabilities, from onboarding through payouts, and promises speed to market for both their platform partners and their customers. They also have transformation stories and resources available to help software companies understand and implement embedded payments. Payrix positions itself as the long-term partner for both near and long-term embedded payments strategies, offering the expertise and infrastructure needed to become a full payment facilitator if it aligns with the customer's strategy.