Offers payroll, HR, and benefit management solutions for a smooth employment process.
Paychex is a payroll and HR solutions provider with a wide range of services tailored to businesses of all sizes. With over 730,000 businesses utilizing their services, Paychex offers time-saving solutions for payroll, HR, and benefits management, ensuring businesses can efficiently hire, pay, manage, and retain employees. Their scalable solutions grow alongside businesses, providing flexibility and support for their specific needs. Paychex has payroll packages designed for businesses of every size, offering customized solutions beyond payroll support. They provide flexible pay options for employees and offer easy online payroll, tax filing, and setup with 24/7 chat and phone support. Paychex's ERTC Service is designed to help businesses forecast their potential employee retention tax credit and has helped clients secure an average of $190,000 in credits. In addition to payroll services, Paychex also offers comprehensive HR solutions, including assistance with hiring, onboarding, managing, and developing productive employees. Their all-in-one platform integrates HR, payroll, and benefits management, simplifying processes for businesses. Paychex also offers time and attendance tracking solutions to maximize payroll accuracy by automating time tracking and improving productivity. Furthermore, they provide retirement planning services, including top 401(k) recordkeeping and easy plan setup. Paychex partners with top-tier national and regional insurance carriers to offer health, dental, vision, and other benefits to recruit and retain employees. They have received accolades for their innovation, ethics, and service, including being named one of the World's Most Ethical Companies and World's Most Admired Companies. Paychex's dedication to customer service satisfaction is also demonstrated by their receipt of the IDC 2022 SaaS Customer Service Satisfaction Award. They have been recognized as the largest U.S. 401(k) recordkeeper by total number of plans for 12 consecutive years and have received numerous honors for their technological excellence and training programs. Paychex has a strong reputation among their satisfied customers, who praise the company for helping manage cash flow, make their lives easier as CFOs, assist in benefits plan reviews, and provide knowledge and compliance expertise. By choosing Paychex, businesses can benefit from their comprehensive range of services, industry expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.