Enables automation of complex data processes for non-technical teams, minimizing reliance on spreadsheets.
Parabola is a platform that aims to transform the way companies operate by allowing non-technical teams to automate complex data processes easily. Their goal is to help teams move away from using spreadsheets and into using customizable Flows. They can automate processes regardless of the number of steps, whether it's a four-step process or one with 400 steps. Engineers don't need to spend time building custom solutions for teams, as Parabola can handle the complexity that other tools like Zapier can't. With over 113,780 Parabola Flows, they can automate any unique data process. Connecting Parabola to various tools is a simple task, and users can easily pull data from native integrations, APIs, and files such as spreadsheets, PDFs, and emails. The platform allows users to add steps to map their processes without the need for coding. Collaboration and documentation are made easy with shared processes and centralized workflows and templates. With Parabola, teams can automatically send data to different tools, APIs, dashboards, and emails. The platform is designed for operators, the essential contributors who handle manual work to keep things running smoothly. Parabola aims to help them reach their full potential by automating repetitive tasks so they can focus on more strategic and judgment-based work. Parabola has been successfully adopted in various industries including freight and logistics, retail and ecommerce, and SaaS teams. By automating their complex workflows, teams can reduce costs, streamline supply chains, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.