A platform for enhancing revenue through efficient shipping communications and monitoring.
PAQATO is a personalized marketing automation platform specifically designed for the shipping process. With its tools SPEAQ, TRAQ, and QONTROL, PAQATO aims to increase shop revenue by up to 10% through effective shipping communication. The platform offers features like track & trace pages, proactive shipping communication, shipping control and monitoring, and a fully automated return portal. PAQATO also provides integrations with various daily-used tools, allowing seamless connectivity. Customers using PAQATO have seen significant improvements in their businesses, with benefits such as increased customer recommendations, higher customer retention and repeat purchases, and improved customer satisfaction. The platform has garnered positive reviews and has been successfully implemented by over 1,000 online shops. PAQATO's success stories include notable brands like KoRo Online-Drogerie, Monsterzeug.de, ISFORT Gruppe, ws-autoteile.com, reifen.com, deineTorte.de, Erdt Concepts, and HUMAN BLOOD, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in various industries. PAQATO's comprehensive and personalized post-purchase communication helps businesses provide a superior shopping experience, resulting in happier customers and increased revenue.