Offers a wide range of apps for developers, games for users, and a coding editor.
Panic is a software company that specializes in creating top-quality apps for developers and entertaining games for users. They also offer a handheld gaming system called Playdate. Some of their notable software includes Transmit, a macOS SFTP + FTP + S3 client, and Prompt, an SSH client for iPhone and iPad. Panic's games include Firewatch, an adventure game set in the Wyoming wilderness, Untitled Goose Game, a humorously mischievous game, and Nour: Play With Your Food, an interactive exploration of food aesthetics. Their latest release is Nova 11, which is an advanced code editor for Mac with improved git features and expanded font support. Panic also provides support through their blog, podcast, and documentation for their various products. They are located in Portland, Oregon, and can be contacted at 503-224-3451. Overall, Panic offers a wide range of software and gaming options for both developers and general users.