Automates sales commission calculations, reduces errors, and provides real-time tracking. Integrates with popular business tools.
Palette is a sales commission automation software that aims to save time and reduce errors for businesses. With Palette, users can gain full visibility on commission accruals and payouts, enabling them to calculate commissions in real-time and automate the process. The software allows for the centralization of data in a single source of truth, enabling businesses to set up even the most complex calculation logic with their commission plan designer. Palette aims to build trust by providing accurate and auditable commissions that are paid on time. The software also offers real-time tracking, providing visibility and transparency to everyone involved. Users can avoid time-consuming shadow accounting and focus on what matters most. Palette also offers advanced reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to extract mission-critical insights from their commission data. With these insights, businesses can A/B test compensation plans and visualize how they could impact cash flow and business objectives. Additionally, users can optimize ramp-up time, set better quotas, budget commission costs, and forecast future payouts. Palette integrates with various tools, including Salesforce, Outreach, Stripe, Pennylane, Xero, Sapling HR, NetSuite, HubSpot, Pipedrive, QuickBooks, SaasOptics, Chargebee, Close CRM, and Sellsy, making it easy to pull in data from all favorite tools. The software is trusted by leaders around the world and has received positive ratings on G2. Reviews highlight the responsiveness of the implementation team, the ability to automate complex commission structures, and the clean and easy-to-understand interface. Palette is also SOC2 Type II certified, GDPR compliant, and provides white glove service to all clients.