Offers payment, tax, and subscription solutions for software firms, automating business operations.
Paddle is a comprehensive payments, tax, and subscriptions solution for B2B and B2C software companies. With over 4,000 customers worldwide, Paddle simplifies and automates business operations, allowing companies to focus on growth. As a merchant of record, Paddle takes care of fraud, sales tax compliance, billing support, and more. They have processed a total of 43 million transactions and have collected and remitted $111 million in taxes. Paddle's offerings include a complete billing solution for SaaS, revenue reporting, SaaS pricing expertise, and a way to recover failed payments and increase customer retention. They have seen significant results for their customers, including a 20% month-over-month customer growth and a 38% reduction in churn. Paddle also provides a resource hub, blog, webinars, and customer stories for additional support and insights. The company is focused on providing a seamless payment experience, taking on liability for charging and remitting sales taxes globally and handling billing-related support queries. Overall, Paddle offers a robust payments infrastructure for software companies, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and minimizing risk.