A unified platform for managing personal and business finances, with added benefits like cashback and APY.
Oxygen is a platform that provides tools and services for entrepreneurs and business owners. It offers a seamless personal and business platform where users can manage their personal and business finances in one user-friendly app. For business owners, Oxygen offers services such as incorporating an LLC, managing expenses, and setting taxes and savings aside. They also provide a 1.00% APY and 5% cashback for business accounts. Personal users can enjoy a spending account with no monthly or minimum balance fees, as well as premium benefits like up to 6% cashback, 3.00% APY savings, and travel perks. Oxygen has received positive customer reviews for its easy setup process and convenience. It has been featured in various awards, including the 2022 Innovation Award, the 2021 Best Overall Fintech App, and the 2020 Financial Inclusion Award. The app features include cashback from approved merchants, smart savings with up to 3.00% APY, faster payments through direct deposit, and retail and travel benefits such as travel insurance and extended warranty protection. Oxygen also offers different loyalty levels called Elements, which provide customized benefits for users. Additionally, Oxygen provides services for business invoicing, expense management virtual cards, and easy incorporation of US businesses. Users can find more information about Oxygen's services on their website, as well as contact support through phone or email. Banking services are provided by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., and the Oxygen Visa Debit Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank. Oxygen has different APY rates and fees depending on the Elements and account balances.