Helps in creating digital experiences. Includes content management, experimentation, and monetization tools.
Optimizely is a website that specializes in creating exceptional digital experiences for companies. They believe that transforming a company through digital experiences requires data-driven decisions, continuous experimentation, and constant invention. Their platform offers a range of products and services that help businesses tap into their creativity and discover new ways of doing things faster. With Optimizely, businesses can manage their content, run experiments, optimize commerce, and personalize ecommerce experiences. The platform integrates with popular apps and tools like Google Analytics, Stripe Payment Gateway, and Microsoft 365. Optimizely has helped some of the world's most successful brands achieve great results. For example, their Content Marketing Platform has delivered a 200% expected ROI in the first year, while their Web Experimentation has generated a $21 million incremental revenue impact. In addition, their Configured Commerce solution has saved 40,000 CSR hours annually, and their Content Management System has seen a 33% increase in user engagement in the first six months. Optimizely offers solutions for different types of users, including digital leaders who want measurable ROI, creators who love to create standout content, optimizers who are constantly looking for ways to improve business performance, and developers who need speed with safety. They also provide resources, such as customer stories, articles, and reports, to inspire and educate their customers. Overall, Optimizely is a comprehensive platform that helps businesses create exceptional digital experiences by providing tools for content management, experimentation, and monetization. With their expertise and proven results, Optimizely is a trusted partner for over 9,000 leading companies worldwide.