Allows simultaneous document editing and collaboration with advanced encryption. Provides options for offline editing and format conversion.
ONLYOFFICE is a secure online office suite that offers compatibility with MS Office formats. It can be connected to web platforms for document editing and collaboration or used as part of ONLYOFFICE Workspace. The office suite allows users to view, edit, and collaborate on documents, sheets, and slides. It also offers features such as building fillable forms and converting documents to Markdown and HTML. Security is a priority, with open-source code available on GitHub, compliance with international security standards, and three levels of encryption. ONLYOFFICE offers multiple options for where to work, including its own self-hosted DocSpace, integration with various platforms, and offline editing with free office apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The website showcases success stories of organizations that have benefited from using ONLYOFFICE, and it has received positive ratings from critics and users alike. The site also provides resources such as a blog, white papers, and support options including a contact form, forum, and training courses. Overall, ONLYOFFICE is a comprehensive and highly secure online office suite that offers a range of features and compatibility with multiple platforms.