An intuitive sales CRM tool designed to boost productivity of small businesses with automation workflows and lead conversion.
OnePageCRM is a simple and intuitive online sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system specifically designed for small businesses. It has been rated as one of the Best Simple CRM systems of 2023. With a 21-day free trial, OnePageCRM offers a range of features that help businesses prioritize tasks, automate workflows, and convert more leads into paying clients. The CRM's bullet-proof follow-up system allows users to add reminders with due dates to contacts and sort them by urgency. Its clutter-free interface and straightforward features enable users to tune down the noise and focus on their key tasks. OnePageCRM also offers a proactive sales approach, helping businesses put their sales strategies into action and make the most of every opportunity. The CRM has received exceptional customer service ratings and provides a comprehensive view of clients and leads, allowing users to keep client details organized and easily accessible. Additionally, OnePageCRM offers interactive sales pipeline visualization, a product and service catalog for organizing offerings, and a range of built-in tools for growth such as email sync, lead generation, automation, reminders, web forms, and reporting. With its Next Action philosophy, OnePageCRM encourages proactivity and upfront decision-making for service companies. The CRM is available in over 80 countries, has received 5/5 stars on Google reviews, and offers daily backups for data security. Integration with other apps and platforms is possible, and the CRM provides support through live demos, online knowledge base, and free Sales Academy. OnePageCRM is suitable for consulting, small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs. It also offers resources such as a blog, webinars, CRM video tutorials, e-books & guides, and a newsletter. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and offers various support avenues such as its help site, affiliate program, CRM for non-profits, champion program, and developer forum. Overall, OnePageCRM provides small businesses with an effective and user-friendly CRM solution to streamline their sales and growth processes.