Provides continuous and in-depth penetration testing to secure company systems. Automates scanning and monitoring for vulnerabilities, and simplifies security processes.
Oneleet is a platform that specializes in continuous and thorough penetration testing for companies aiming to secure their systems. By optimizing the perfect balance between automation and human expertise, Oneleet offers the highest return on investment compared to other pentest providers. With a team of expert penetration testers, Oneleet has assisted in securing some of the largest companies worldwide. Their focus is on providing effective and pragmatic tools to prevent attacks, helping companies to avoid breaches that could have easily been prevented. The platform offers continuous scanning and monitoring for vulnerabilities, ensuring that yearly pentests are not the only line of defense against zero-day vulnerabilities. Oneleet's manual penetration testing by creative hackers uncovers critical vulnerabilities that automated scanning may miss. The platform also aims to simplify the process, eliminating the need for lengthy consultations and waiting periods. Oneleet continues to protect companies by continuously scanning for threats and vulnerabilities, mapping attack surfaces, and monitoring potential risks such as database leaks and brand abuse. Their pentesters are highly experienced, trusted professionals with multiple industry-standard certifications and are known for their contributions to the field. Oneleet offers a network of invite-only, trusted industry veterans from NATO countries. Their hyperspecialized skill sets allow for the handling of even the most unique tech stacks. Additionally, the platform provides the flexibility to optimize for ROI or insight, allowing customers to minimize costs by reusing testers or maximize insight by switching testers. Overall, Oneleet offers comprehensive and reliable penetration testing services to ensure the utmost security for companies.