A platform for building custom data visualizations, apps, and dashboards rapidly. Facilitates data source integration, collaboration, and data-driven insights.
Observable is a platform that allows data teams to push the limits of data visualization and turn complex data into actionable insights. With over 200,000 community examples, Observable provides a fast and efficient way to build custom data visualizations, apps, and dashboards. It was created by the same team behind D3, a popular data visualization library with over 300 million downloads. Observable has been adopted by thousands of organizations to make data-driven decisions faster. The platform allows users to explore a wide range of community notebooks, covering topics such as data visualization, data science, and data analysis. One of the key features of Observable is its ability to bring multiple data sources together into a single view, securely integrating data from the cloud, database, and local files. Users can also create charts and visualizations using Observable's Plot, which provides pre-built code snippets to accelerate the process. Collaboration is another important aspect of Observable, as users can filter, sort, and interact with data visualizations in real time, allowing for faster insights and iterative analysis. The platform also enables users to share and present data insights in context, facilitating relevant feedback and validation of ideas. With Observable, organizations can accelerate their decision-making process by facilitating deeper conversations and reducing the need for multiple meetings. The platform offers enterprise-level features and integration capabilities, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Overall, Observable is a valuable tool for data teams looking to dive deep into data visualization and derive meaningful insights from complex datasets.