Provides AI solutions enhancing healthcare and customer engagement, increases efficiency and security.
Nuance is a leading provider of conversational AI solutions for healthcare and customer engagement. With their innovations in voice, natural language understanding, reasoning, and systems integration, they create more human technology that transforms the way organizations work, connect, and interact. They offer industry-leading AI and deep vertical expertise to address challenges and accelerate business results. Nuance provides healthcare solutions for physicians, radiologists, and hospitals that enhance patient care through AI-powered technologies. In addition, they offer secure omni-channel solutions powered by AI for world-class customer conversations. Their biometric solutions help increase security by authenticating customers and preventing fraud across all channels. Nuance also offers speech recognition solutions that boost productivity and efficiency. Their technology has revolutionized the doctor-patient relationship and reinvented the way brands connect with their customers. Overall, Nuance empowers organizations to push the boundaries of what's possible through their transformative AI solutions.