Efficiently assists in corporate event planning by handling venue liaison and negotiations.
Nowadays is an AI-powered chatbot that serves as a personal assistant for managing repetitive tasks. The website is backed by Y-Combinator, a renowned startup accelerator. Nowadays offers a unique feature as an AI copilot for organizing corporate events. Users can input event details, and the AI will contact venues and handle negotiations. Customers have praised the service for generating a list of offsite options quickly and providing helpful recommendations for destinations and activities. Emily Zundel, an admin business partner at Google, expressed excitement over the AI capabilities of Nowadays. Renee Mars, director of events at Y Combinator, found the quotes for offsite venues to be helpful and amazing. Audrey Kim, founder of On and Offsites, also highlighted the efficiency of Nowadays in getting tasks done. The website offers the option to book a demo to experience its capabilities firsthand. Overall, Nowadays is a valuable tool for streamlining event planning that offers fast and efficient assistance through its advanced AI technology.