A web push notifications service that enhances audience engagement and increases pageviews.
Notix is a web push notifications service that allows website owners, webmasters, affiliates, media agencies, and online businesses to engage with their audience and increase website pageviews. It is a free service that works on both desktop and mobile devices and offers a range of features to maximize audience engagement. These features include the ability to send personalized and relevant notifications, segment audiences based on custom parameters, monetize subscribers upon request, and track real-time statistics. Notix also provides a WordPress plugin for easy installation on websites and supports various types of push campaigns. Additionally, it offers the option to test Notix alongside another provider to compare their performance. With a 30% better delivery rate and the ability to send messages in users' timezones, Notix aims to deliver notifications at the most suitable time for subscribers. The service also supports database migration from another service, offers flexible subscription prompts, and provides API integration for workflow automation. With Emoji support and on-site notifications, Notix helps website owners catch readers and customers with important updates and news.